Contract Type:

Full Time

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We are looking for a young aspiring Product Owner with a vision of what you want to build, and convey that vision to the Scrum team. You will be a part of Project Management Team and be responsible for successful start of any agile software development project.


  • Micromanagement of team, coordinating developers and testers

  • Ensure the in-time delivery of product

  • Facilitating the Scrum framework, including all the necessary parts which belong to the Scrum

  • Communicate the product strategy and value proposition to peers and team members

  • Ensure the transparency and visibility of team’s progress, obstacles and successes to all stakeholders and team itself

  • Participate in business analysis project planning and management by documenting and maintaining plans, managing issue logs and preparing project documentation

  • Analyse the current processes and recommend solutions and improved processes

  • Provide technical and business knowledge to clients


You will like working with us if you have:

  • 3+yrs on similar position (product/program management and/or product owner roles)

  • Experience in working with Agile / Scrum work environment as a Product Owner: writing user stories, and following the development process through user story acceptance

  • Technical background

  • experience driving teams and management to decisions and obtaining difficult information and answers

  • Experience working with cross functional teams


IT Management, Higher Technical Education