We have spent the last three years designing and engineering IoT experiences with our clients’ business analysts, product designers, electrical and IT engineers. Our developer team actively contributes to the IoT community and standards such as AllJoyn.

This experience has translated directly into a proprietary IoT framework, allowing our clients a quick and frictionless entry into the Internet of Things.



Born as a retail-first agency, commerce forms an integral part of our work. A deep understanding of on- and offline consumer behaviour allows us to deliver against concrete business metrics.

We build omni-channel retail experiences by integrating brick and mortar with concepts proven in online retail. Together with our sister company, we deliver full-service retail solutions.



We uplift physical products with digital identity, seamlessly bridging offline and online. Our UX team applies user-centric design principles to develop digital experiences. Using lean prototyping and user testing, we continually refine your digital product and ensure it aligns with your customers’ needs.



Our in-house development team covers iOS, Android, Web, Cloud and Unity capabilities. We are constantly combining these in creative ways to deliver outstanding, bespoke digital experiences to fit our clients’ needs.

We work on long-term strategic projects in agile development sprints, from design through development to implementation and upgrading.



We help your customers better understand your products and product features. Starting from 3D production data, we create, deliver, deploy and manage your product marketing assets.

Our content creation house, Alice in Tokyo, specialises in engaging editorial, film and CGI content. From in-app articles to live-action films, we use captivating storytelling and creative content to enhance and market the digital products that we design.